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Sun May 27 01:04:14 CDT 2007

I still think you should consider the ''GRAZER''  option, it would be a healthy alternative to processed food and you would be so light, you would be the envy of the hiker comunity. Poles will help your knees, but losing the weight will do more than anything else to help your knees.

Say, your Mt. Humphry undertaking may go down in history as one of the great expeditions of our time.  I am torn between going to Scott's wedding and staying home to watch the live coverage of this historic undertaking, but since Scott's wedding to Michelle is a once in a lifetime event, and an historic event such as your and Ed's Mt. Humphrey expedition will draw such world-wide interest, it will most certainly be replayed many times over and I can watch it after the wedding.

Say, how much are the networks paying you and Ed for the broadcasting rights?  There should be big bucks in this and since you and Ed are getting "OLD",  this could be a nice retirement package.  
And I know at your age, old age security weighs heavily on your mind.

JMT Reinhold
The Switchback hero worshipper


---- Hiker97 at aol.com wrote: 
> _reinholdmetzger at cox.net_ (mailto:reinholdmetzger at cox.net)   writes: 
> Switchback could mow (eat) the lawn, you know
> like grazing in the  meadow. I don't know if grass is considered a vegetable, 
> it looks green  like
> vegetable, but they say vegetables are good for you and being very low  in 
> calories it would help Switchback loose the 100 pounds he was talking about  
> loosing.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> I only need to lose 80 pounds.   So, I do not need to become a grazer.  Yes, 
> Switchback will still be able  to eat his popcorn instead of grass.  Life is 
> well for Switchback if he has  his popcorn to safely see him 
> through.......Switchback the Popcorn Trail  Pirate.
> Say, the big Mt. Humphrey expedition  is coming up next week.  Another high 
> altitude adventure that will test the  bravery and skill of veteran adventurers 
> MeadowsEd and Switchback.   Can'tQuit might come up from Phoenix to make sure 
> Switchback does not fall down  and go BOOM.
> I am thinking of going to the  PacerPoles for hiking.  I need more knee 
> support now days.  
> Switchback the  Disabled
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