[pct-l] Section D: a CLEAN trail

David Hough on pct-l pcnst2001 at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 26 20:13:38 CDT 2007

I just filled in a missing piece of my section hiking
by walking down from Mill Creek Summit to Soledad
Canyon.     I ran into almost a dozen late through-

This trail is CLEAN.   Not a branch, pine cone, or
pebble out of place.    I didn't think it was 
possible.   Congratulations to the trail maintainers.

Everybody stops and fills up at North Fork.    Wells
running dry are irrelevant, according to Todd; his
tank has 86000 gallons in it.

The only natural water I noticed was just before Moody
Canyon Road.    The little creek is still barely 
trickling, amazing this year.    It could be pumped
if necessary, but North Fork is only an hour further.

On Monday/Tuesday I will try to cover Acorn Trail
to Swarthout Valley.    Anybody in the area who
could help with a car shuttle on Monday afternoon,
please let me know.

David Hough

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