[pct-l] Catra is on her way

Jon Danniken danniken at comcast.net
Fri May 25 20:59:42 CDT 2007

Man, you guys are just downright creepy!


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From: "Tortoise"

> From the way you describe Catra, she will need more than you and Julien
> can do to satisfy her. She needs lots of boy-toys, some old and some new.

> Reinhold Metzger wrote:
>> Confounded Frenchmen, that should be me strolling through the
>> wilderness with Catra along the PCT..........may his hide get
>> infested with a million camel lice...........Aaaahhhh, but there
>> still is hope, he may wear out on Catra's blistering pace or Catra
>> may tire of him and call on good "old" reliable Reinhold to take his 
>> place.
>> JMT Reinhold
>> Still dreaming about Catra and anxiously waiting for her call

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