[pct-l] Cabin 17 miles North of Warner Springs

Lars Nilsson lars at standardarmament.com
Thu May 24 14:08:11 CDT 2007

Thanks for reminding me of the most amazing bit of trail magic I have
experienced!  Two years ago I got to Chihuahua Valley Road about noon
and with about cup of water remaining.  I walked down to the tank by the
cabin and it was bone dry.  Back up to the cache at the junction of the
trail and road and as I was checking each bottle for some water (all
dry), I heard a motorcycle come up the road and the rider stopped and
asked, "would you like some ice cold lemon water?"  He was 62 and
supporting his 69 year old brother as he was attempting to hike the
trail.  It turned out that he missed his brother by several hours - I
ran into the brother the next morning about 9am and we walked together
from the cache near Anza up to Hwy. 74 where I had parked my truck.
With all the snow up in the San Jacs and more on the way (this was the
spring John Donovan went missing) they were going to ride back to Julian
to regroup in their RV. The brothers hooked up but the rider had
forgotten an extra helmet, so I drove the older brother back to Julian
before driving home to repay the best cup of cold water I have ever had
on any trail!

Lars Nilsson

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I talked to a gentleman today regarding your cabin off of Chihuahua
Valley Road and PCT and I misplaced your phone number and name.

Would you mind sending me your name and phone number again. I did enjoy
the conversation although I was at work and it was very busy and sorry I
couldn't talk longer. 

The person called me at (619) 341-1731 from (909) 392-5936.

Thanks, Pam

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