[pct-l] Female Terminator Seminars

Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Wed May 23 09:52:42 CDT 2007

You know I have been picking on the  Female Terminator Leadership Types for 
several years now.  And some of my  best trail buddies are Terminators, so I 
thought it would be only fair to help  them with some topic suggestions for a 
seminar at the next PCTA TrailFest or  next year's April Kickoff or even the 
ALDHA-West Gathering this  fall.
Terminator seminar topics for hard  core male hiker trash backpackers.
1.   Combating  Stupidity
2.   You Too Can Do Camp  Chores
3.   How To Fill An Ice  Tray at Home
4.   Parenting: It does  not end at conception.
5.   Get a Life --- Learn  to Cook on the Trail and at Home
6.   YOU -- The  Weaker Sex Part One
7.   Reasons to Give  Flowers
8.   How to Stay Awake  After Sex
9.   GARBAGE - Getting it  to the curb.
10.  You Can Really Fall  Asleep Without It If You Really Try
11.  The Morning Dilemma - If  It Is Awake, Take a Shower
12.  Romanticism - And Other  Ideas Besides Sex
13.  Changing Your Underwear -  It Really Works at Home and on the Trail
14.  How to Not to Act Younger  than Your Children
15.  YOU -- The Weaker Sex  Part Two
Yes, once again, your pal, Switchback, has come through for you.  The  
Terminators now have lots of time to put their seminars together.
Your pal, Switchback the  Romantic

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