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"How's Your Trail"?   We first saw Eric about 5 or 6 miles north of Bouquet 
Canyon on Sunday and then again on Monday at the rest stop North of the 
Green Valley Ranger Station next to the road (don't remember the name of the 
road). Sunday night he was at "Casa de Luna", the Anderson's, which we 
should have been at but crashed two hours short of the Ranger Station Sunday 
night. I didn't even recognize Him until he said who He was. Looked totally 
different. He was moving right along when last Monday afternoon, Headed for 
Hiker Town.  remember
"Be Prepared"  Ground Pounder Bill  "Semper Fi"
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Where did you see Eric???

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"How's Your Trail"?    While on the trail, we saw, Robo Cop, (Eric
Yakel) Jeff ?, Tammy from Oregon and the following day a girl named
Chigger, ?   That's it  from Sunday to Tuesday , there were others but
didn't get names.
Remember "Be Prepared"  Ground Pounder Bill  "Semper Fi"
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