[pct-l] Location of Tunnel Spring, Digest 43, Issue 23, Message 7

Staley-Picolorich jeangrey at Cruzio.com
Tue May 22 19:53:57 CDT 2007

Tunnel Spring is reached by taking a use trail that branches to the right at the bottom of the slope, after descending from a saddle where the Live Oak Spring trail and the Tunnel Spring trail meet the PCT.  A trough filled by a pipe is about 40 yards along the use trail.  The Tunnel or mine shaft, which should be avoided under any circumstance, is another 20 yards past the spring.  On 5/14/07 there was a good flow from the pipe (about the same as Cedar Spring on that day) and the trough was overflowing.

Tunnel Spring is an alternative to Live Oak Spring for hikers needing water but who are not camping in that area, or who don't mind camping in one of the small flat areas on the saddle.

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