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If you expect to find water farther on up the trail at the Neenah Elementary School (just north of Highway 138), forget it.  The school is closed and shuttered and has been for years.  The guidebook is woefully out of date.

My son James and I hiked the trail between Lake Hughes and Highway 138 (we got as far as Neenah) in mid April.  At that time there was water in the creek at Upper Shake, but it was just a trickle.

Mark Wallace

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 "How's Your Trail"?  Just came in from the trail. Came off at the Shake camp grounds, if that's what you want to call them? Mile 494.0 by the water report. We hiked the trail out to Pine Canyon Rd. We did not see any water in the upper Shake creek but if you go down the creek about 100 yards from upper shake then the creek really becomes a creek. Looks like it will be there for some time. Remember "Be Prepared"  Ground Pounder Bill "Semper Fi"
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