[pct-l] section D water

David Hough on pct-l pcnst2001 at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 22 09:26:10 CDT 2007

Memorial Day weekend approaches, an opportunity for me
to close up some loose ends of section D.

I have the following on Guffy from asabat's site:

D3      364.6   Guffy Campground (~200 yards N)       
 GREAT water (5/2 Susan: spring flowing, but not
strong)         5/17/07         WS Monty       
~200 yards N down slope to spring house in Flume Cyn.,
downhill from tank in camp, but easier access from
side trail about 50 yards south of campground. Spring
UTM 0439545, 3800530 elev. 7724.

I'm counting on Guffy, so if anybody has any more
different info, please let pct-l know so asabat can
update accordingly.

And between Mill Creek Summit and Soledad Canyon
there's just these two, same request for more current
info if any:

D12     432.2   Moody Cyn Rd (50' before rd)   
running water for about 25 feet, 50 feet up the trail
from the road. Appears pumpable.  5/1/07  backpack45  

D12     436.2   North Fork Ranger Station BPL Rd 4N32
(faucet on SE corner of garage)   water (per Donna
5/4, estimates that his well will be dry some time in
June)    5/17/07         Geoff   5/18/07 

This is truly going to be a scary year for southern
California.    I expect forest closures could happen
at any time.

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