[pct-l] More trail damage........

Andrea Dinsmore zaqueltooocool at gmail.com
Mon May 21 01:37:59 CDT 2007

 Pacific Crest Trail North (Bridge Creek) Elevation at Bridge Creek
Trailhead: 4640' Maple Creek Bridge removed for the season. High bear
activity area. Expect snow. 5/15 Pacific Crest Trail South (Old Wagon Trail
to Agnes Creek) Elevation varies between 1700' - 2300' Recommended
alternative to Stehekin Valley Road, which was severely damaged by 2003
floods and has washouts impassable to hikers or stock. *Bridge over Agnes
Creek destroyed by fallen tree-- creek is impassable!* Cleared from High
Bridge to Coon Lake. Lots of downed trees en route to Bridge Creek, damage
to camp (toilets and bear boxes) at Bridge Creek camp as well. 5/14


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