[pct-l] Test & first question

mark v allemande6 at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 01:01:54 CDT 2007

Is this how i post?  Hmmm, testing testing 1 2 3.  

I'm an '08 thru hopeful who's been reading the pct-l
archives for awhile.  I thought i sign up and ask
about a trail angelling.  I'll be doing a little
150-mile trial run in Oregon in early/mid August, and
when i'm done i'd like to help out this year's hikers
with food and beverages.  Am i right in estimating
that the highest concentration of hikers around 8/13
or so will be somewhere between Ashland and Bend? 
I'll wait until nearer to that time to make real
plans, but i'd like a preliminary idea of where i
should go.  Suggestions about a good place to help out
would be welcomed.  I'm happy to grunt a lot of weight
for 4 or 5 miles up a trail if it means finding a
place that will be especially surprising and a relief
to the hikers.  Of course, if i do that and it turns
out nobody is coming through, it won't be as good.  I
can still leave a cooler of beverages there when i
split at the end of the day, but i shouldn't probably
leave food behind.


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