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William Skaggs weskaggs at primate.ucdavis.edu
Sun May 20 19:11:25 CDT 2007

>>From: "Daniel Shephard" <Daniel.Shephard at gordon.edu>
>I'm hiking with 2 other guys (all in our 20s in good shape) and am wondering what people suggest as far as packing food if we don't plan on resupplying any more often than 2 weeks.
> [...]
>So basically, my question is: what is the cheapest, lightest way to carry enough food for 3 guys. I do have a stove.
>-Firsttimer on the PCT

You're making a classic first-timer's mistake, and practically
guaranteeing that your hike will fail (assuming you're thru-hiking,
which you didn't specifically say).  It takes 25-30 pounds per 
person to feed a 20-something male for two weeks without running
a deficit, and when you are on the trail day after day for weeks,
your food tastes change in ways that are very hard to predict.
If you try to organize everything ahead of time with such stringent
constraints, it's almost a sure bet that you'll end up with huge
quantities of food that you won't be able to choke down.
It seems like most experienced thru-hikers end up buying a
lot of their food along the way, but in any case, you'll have
a much better chance of the hike lasting for a while if you
give yourself some flexibility on your food options and give
yourself the chance to buy a significant amount of it in the
towns you pass through.

Best wishes,

  -- bill

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