[pct-l] Needing some help

Jeff Dishman dishjad at yahoo.com
Sun May 20 13:49:45 CDT 2007

If any folks in our hiker community living in the Seattle/Bellingham area could help, I'm looking for some assistance with the following:
  My scout troop from North Carolina is flying into Seattle on Wed, July 4th.  They will be touring in Washington/Oregon until Sunday, the 8th.  On the morning of the 8th of July, we will be splitting into four groups and hiking for a week in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness including the section from Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass.
  What we need help with:
  1.  We had to rent 15 passenger vans from a dealer in Bellingham.  The dealer will be closed on July 4th.  Their flights get into Seattle 9pm....we're looking for someone to volunteer to get the two vans off the dealer's lot at the very least on the 3rd of July, and somehow we need to get those vans to the airport on the 4th to pick up the scouts
  2.  We need free accomodations in Seattle area the nights of the 4th-7th of July and again on Friday July 13th.  We normally find our way into National Guard armories, but Washington State has a state law forbidding any outside groups.  Schools, churches, camps...any of those would work, but we are hoping for indoors, a place for 28 people to sleep on the floor, and showers.
  Any news or updates on trail damage from Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass would be helpful as well, with the huge flooding back in November I suspect some of the bridges in this section may have been wiped out.
  Anyone that might be able to give us some assistance or guidance please contact me off-line at my e-mail address dishjad at yahoo.com
  Many thanks, happy hiking all!!!

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