[pct-l] Quitting Psychiatric Drugs

Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Sat May 19 12:12:52 CDT 2007

_jlkeener at yahoo.com_ (mailto:jlkeener at yahoo.com)  writes:  Greetings, Why was 
this message posted on this list? Oh, it must be for  Switchback. ;=)  J J
Once again, the lovable and friendly,  Trail Pirate, has been attacked and 
maligned.  Say, I am starting to train  with my pack again down at the park.  
That means I will be a strong and  tough hard core backpacker again.  I will not 
be subject to people on the  trail or on this List kicking trail dust in my 
face anymore.  Also, the big  Mt. Humphrey expedition is coming up in a few 
weeks.  Meadows Ed will  arrive in Las Vegas to stay at my house overnight and 
then we head out the next  day to our destiny with one of the great mountains in 
the Western  Hemisphere.
I thank you for your attention and  good wishes.
Switchback the Psychotic

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