[pct-l] Serious Bear Protection

Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Fri May 18 15:47:14 CDT 2007

_Tortoise73 at charter.net_ (mailto:Tortoise73 at charter.net)  writes:  I  have 
another question!  Will this fence keep pirates out of my  food?
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ....... cough, cough, cough  .................

That's pretty funny ---- and the answer is no, since  pirates would wait and 
ambush you on the trail.  
Say, I was thinking when I came across this electric fence  idea that it 
would be really funny to see PCT campsites up and down the trail  surrounded by 
fences.  All night long you would hear a buzz sound as the  bears try to test 
the campsite perimeters.  Just like a bug zapper light  does at night.  This is 
too cool.
Of course, I am probably the only one that sees the humor  in this whole 
thing.  :-)  And I know.  It is not List  appropriate, takes up bandwidth, etc., 
etc., etc............
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