[pct-l] Hiking north from Tahoe

Carolyn Clark dr_carolyn at yahoo.com
Fri May 18 14:21:19 CDT 2007

More questions about sections L,M,N,O: 

1. Bear canisters:  
Are these advisable in these sections? We'd just as soon avoid the weight, but we'll carry them if it's the best way to keep our food intact. 

2. Section O water:  
I read on this list recently someone's comments about Section O, that they made a lot of mistakes on that stretch.  We'd like to learn from others' mistakes..  I see from the guidebook that there are several long stretches without water, and once you reach the water there is no suitable ground for camping.  We are three senior citizens who would have a hard time covering more than 20 miles a day. 
Any suggestions?

3. General advice:
Is there any other advice you'd give us concerning these 4 sections? (Our hiking dates are mid-June to mid-July.) 


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