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Phil Baily pbaily at webuniverse.net
Thu May 17 18:33:35 CDT 2007

I walked that stretch in August, 2003 in two hikes. I don't remember 
whether that was a wet or dry or normal year, but there was no 
problem with water or mosquitos. There were lakes and good sized 
streams. If mosquitos had been plentiful I would remember (like I do 
other places), but I don't remember any mosquito problems.


At 01:05 PM 5/17/07, alec wrote:
>hello all!
>   i understand that this stretch has a well deserved reputation for 
> being mosquito hell.
>   however, does anyone know how this year's dry winter will effect 
> the mossie hatch?
>   will it start and end sooner?
>   my wife and i are planning on hiking this stretch in august.
>   info on useful map sets, projected water availability in august 
> of a dry year,
>   hot springs (!), and any other insider info, will be GREATLY appreciated!
>   thanks in advance, fellow hikers.
>   -alec
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