[pct-l] Adress of Casa de Luna

Carsten Jost carsten.jost at gmail.com
Wed May 16 14:18:11 CDT 2007

Dear fellow hikers :-)

we desperately need the adress of the Anderson´s

Over a year has passed since we hiked a good chunk of the PCT and we still
send out any thank-you-presents to all the nice people we met. Hey...we are
and nobody knows how long such a thank-parcel takes over the ocean ;-)

We collected a couple of adresses but still lack the adress of the

Please send us a short email with the needed info.

Alina and Sauerkraut wish all 2007 PCTers and other hikertrash a brilliant
summer and hope to see you 2008 :-)


Alina and Sauerkraut

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