[pct-l] JEFF (Elevator) & REINHOLD

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Wed May 16 06:19:48 CDT 2007

I must admit, I was rather enjoyed by your choice of words in your post
directed at Switchback and me and feeling aggravated from the continuous
nagging pain from a recent surgery I, likewise, responded in a heated

The funny thing, you thought I was directing my ''Moronic Disorder'' joke at
you, when in fact I was supportive of your position that Scott and Jon are
being singled out for criticism and ''Moronic Disorder'' was merely a joke
about long distance hiking and was not directed at anybody.

Jeff, I know some members don't like my and Switchback's humor and jokes and
I respect that but, many members do like it and send us personal messages
and voice their appreciation at the KO.
I think some members take these little jokes to serious and try to put
meaning into them, when all they are is just goofy statements intended to
inject a little humor in the list but, I respect the fact that some list
members don't see it that way.

Jeff, I wish you well and a speedy recovery from your upcoming surgery.
You indicate your JMT record attempt will have to wait until next year after
your recovery.
Since the record most likely will fall to a trail runner this year, it would
be nice if you could bring it back, next year, to the backpacking community,
where it belongs.
After all, the JMT is a hiking trail and its unsupported record should be
held by a backpacker, rather than a trail runner.
Let's put our heads together on this after your recovery.....with nine JMT
thru-hikes behind the belt, I do belief I can contribute some experience to
your attempt.
Again, I wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you on the trail someday
and share a joke or two with you.

JMT Reinhold

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