[pct-l] No Cal current Trail/snow conditions???

Judson judsonwb at jeffnet.org
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The one time I did that section was in June. There was about 2 mi.of continuous snow in the Mushroom Rock vicinity. The trail was very difficult to find, so I stopped trying. But the drifts were >10 feet deep in places, and it was slow going- lots of ups and downs, avoiding tree wells, falling into tree wells, writing last will and testament while trapped in tree wells, etc.  

A much bigger problem- well, problems...
  a.. poison oak- huge amounts at lower elevations
  b.. overgrown trail- needed a periscope to find your way on the private logging lands
  c.. blowdowns-a-go-go- >100 in the whole section- of course, that was in June
As for current conditions, or if it's any better maintained than it used to be, dunno.

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I'm contemplating doing the sections from Castella/I-5 to Old Station in the next few weeks. Is there anyone out there familiar with the snow conditions? The high point in that area is 6120' at mile 1454. Some snow is no problem, but long stretches might be less than desirable. Also, if any one is familiar with the condition of the trail North and South of that area, I'd be curious to know. -Osprey
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