[pct-l] pct-l Digest, Vol 43, Issue 15

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Mon May 14 22:03:09 CDT 2007

Ground Pounder writes: Hey Switchback, did you check out the year at  the end 
of this letter? It says Grama Gatewood did the AT in 1955?  What  was the 
answer you got at the KO? I believe it was wrong if this is  right.

The question at the Kickoff seminar  for the pink flamingo shelter stakes was 
how old was Grandma Gatewood when she  began her hiking career.  It was 67.
The reason I like this fact so much  is that I will be 66 when I do my PCT 
thru hike in 2013.  This give me some  hope.
I got my information from the book, We're in the Mountains, Not Over the  
Hill by Susan Alcorn.  This is a good book and I enjoyed reading it down at  the 
Say, at the big KM event coming up in June, I will be giving away some more  
excess gear like I did down at the Kickoff.  I have a tent, ice ax, bear  
canister, etc to be given away free.  I want to clear out my garage of all  this 
stuff that has piled up.
Your obedient servant, Switchback  the Free Yard Sale

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