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Mon May 14 04:23:28 CDT 2007

Our intrepid  hiking hero, Grumpy, was solo hiking along the PCT. He came to 
a great camping  spot and set up his camp. 

After supper he went for a walk around his  campsite to relax and think about 
being out on the trail and all he was grateful  for. 

Suddenly, the sky clouded above his head and in a booming  voice from above, 
God said, "Because you have tired to be faithful to me in  all ways, I will 
grant you one wish." 

Grumpy said, "I wish that you  would build a bridge to Hawaii, so I can drive 
over there anytime I want."  

The Lord said, "Your request is very materialistic. Just think of the  
enormous challenges of reaching the bottom of the Pacific and the concrete and  
steel it would take. It would be taxing on several natural resources and  take a 
lot of upkeep. I can do it, but think a little more for something  that would 
honor and glorify me." 

Grumpy thought about this good advise  for a while. Then he said, "Lord, I 
wish that I could understand my trail  partner, TrailDust. I want to know how to 
please her and what she  wants. How can I make her happy?  What is she 
thinking when she gives  me the silent treatment and says, "nothing is wrong"?  

The Lord  replies, "Do you want four lanes or six lanes on that bridge?" 
I thank you  for your continued support and good wishes.
Switchback the  Trail Humorist

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