[pct-l] Slideshow For Your Photos?

Shauna csxii at schizoaffective.org
Mon May 14 01:21:43 CDT 2007

I was on the trail today, well for a few feet anyway.  It was hard to find
under all the snow at Snoqualmie Pass.    

On Sat, 12 May 2007 00:02:45 -0700, "Jon Danniken" <danniken at comcast.net>
had this to say:

>Um, more like you and girlboyscout trolling the list *again*.  Seriously, 
>you two need to get out on the trail instead of giving people grief on the 
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>> Thank you Jon for your post...........its like clockwork here folks.......
>>  If there is any negative posts regarding either Scott or Jon from any one 
>> else on this list you can count on the other person responding as 
>> well..........Its usually Jon then Scott then Elevator and Shauna in that 
>> order...............Thanks for keeping up your end of the load tonight but 
>> somehow Jon you came in 4th in the response time.... were you napping? 
>> Lets try and keep your responses in the same order 
>> people.......................................................
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>> From: "Pea Hicks" wrote:
>> < snip sanctimonious drivel>
>>> it's the disingenuous way he goes about marketing his website that i've
>>> got a problem with, and i'll continue to call him out on it.
>> Could you be any more of a trolling douchebag, girlboyscout?
>> Jon
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