[pct-l] OT - How a Backpacker Thinks

Postholer public at postholer.com
Sat May 12 15:48:54 CDT 2007

Pea Hicks, trailname 'Girlscout'. Reality: an adult male.

Makes you appreciate child predator laws.

Maybe Ed and Pea share the same hobby? Clearly with those types of issues 
these 2 could find more constructive things to do than troll the list.

Ed and Pea since you 2 spend so much time being trolls, here's a website you 
may benefit from:

Designed with the 2 of you in mind! Enjoy.

this reminds me of something that came up often while in town... someone 
would mention a store or some other place that might be worth going to, and 
someone else would ask "is it within walking distance?" ...and you just had 
to laugh, no matter how far down the street the place was!


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