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3. MOJAVE: On Yogi's map (not on old PCT Town Guide map), I recommend
the Best Motel, older place, $34, abt 6 blks fm PO, abt 2 blks fm Mike's
Roadhouse Diner & laundry, for 1 pers a very good CA price, for 2 pers a
real bargain, room certainly decent.
4. MOJAVE: There IS a Dial-a-Ride service @ 800-323-2396; not immediate
service, but a damn good price ($1 from Best Motel to PO & return - tip
the driver!)
5. White's Motel (now a Day's Inn) came down from $70 to $60 over the
phone, but way too high for 1 pers; also offered to come get me, at
least at the N end of town (just was in no hurry to finish that omlette
@ Denny's, & wasn't going to stay there anthow). I'm not sure if they
offer rides to & fm the trail.
6. Motel 6, by Stater Bros groc had $43 on sign; didn't talk to them, as
way too far from PO for me (1.1 mi in Yogi's tome).
7. Took an hr to hitch off Cameron Rd interchange on CA-58; bad time of
day, 0700, sun in driver's eyes made it hard to see me or my Mojave
sign, everyone rushing to work, but was tactical decision to hike on
past Tehatchapi-Willow Springs Rd. It reduces by about 10 mi the
distance I'll have to hike out of here past the possibly dead Golden
Oaks Spring to the next questionable spring, staggering under 10 dys of
food & 2.5-3 gl h2o.
Bob "Trekker"

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