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Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Sat May 12 05:01:17 CDT 2007

[pct-l] jmt record attemptCatra,
You may be right, but I truly belief that after this summer the unsupported
JMT record will be mine no more.......the field of challengers is just to
strong.......including  ''Hall of Famer''  John Stamstad.....it has been
written.....''super endurance athlete John Stamstad always achieves what
John sets out to achieve''...and John has decided he wants the unsupported
JMT record.

I would love to try again and do a sub - five and make these guys really
work for it but, I am afraid I am getting a little to old and out of shape
from all the injuries the last few years.

It is time for it to pass on to the younger generation.....I am only amazed
that it lasted so long.

Catra, I too would love to do the JMT with you someday.....we could
rendezvous on a moonlit summer night, in the hut on top of Mt. Whitney, like
we did on that moonlit summer night in 2004.......you where just wonderful
that night, Catra.


JMT Reinhold (Reiny)
Still dreaming about Catra


[pct-l] jmt record attempt
Catra Corbett catrarunner at earthlink.net
Fri May 11 14:09:47 CDT 2007

Hey Reiny-
You do know it's going to take a woman to break your record.  These young
guys go out thinking sure I can do 50+ miles a day.  They have no back up
plan so they bail.  I know the secret of how to break your record.  And I
know you know I can do it ;)  But first I have bigger fish to fry...LOL(I'm
a vegan)
Let me do my PCT thing and when I'm done I hope to go for the unsupported
record.  I wasn't thinking about it when I did my YO YO in 2004 I had two
drops and I could of done without them.  Reiny I hope to do the JMT with you
someday we would have a blast.

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