[pct-l] MORANS....I'm surrounded by MORANS (plain text)

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri May 11 22:29:43 CDT 2007

After watching  this ongoing cat-fight and sniping & griping in
the....''Slideshow for your photos'' posts, I have once again, with deep
regret, come to the following conclusion:

MORONS.......I AM SURROUNDED BY MORONS.......probably the result of too many
nights at high altitude resulting in oxygen deprivation which in turn causes
brain cells to die which in turn gives rise to a condition known in medical
circles as  MORONIC DISORDER  very frequently associated with long distance
Can be fatal if left untreated.
Only known cure.......total abstention of backpacking

JMT Reinhold
Dr. of Moronic Disorders

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