[pct-l] Slideshow For Your Photos?

Pea Hicks phix at optigan.com
Fri May 11 20:07:11 CDT 2007

jeff.singewald at comcast.net wrote:

 > So what if Scott's company is advertised on Postholer.Com?  You and
 > Meadow and the rest of us are not forced to buy anything from Scott's
 > company.  He is NOT asking any of us to buy anything by simply having a
 > link to another business.


and i fully support anyone's right (scott included) to run a business, 
and said as much in my last post.

the problem is, scott's been on the record for years trashing others' 
similar efforts, making outright false claims about their motives and 
practices... don't forget- the primary targets of his criticism are the 
folks who organize the kickoff. as you know, they REFUSE to accept any 
sort of donation from hikers, yet scott has consistently accused them of 
going after their "thru-wallets." even if you're *not* a hiker, you're 
not required or even pressured to donate or purchase *anything* to 
attend the kickoff.

after all this, scott comes on the pct-l bragging about his altruism, 
but it seems clear to me that what he's *really* doing is simply 
providing attractively useful informational content in order to generate 
more business traffic for himself. if his free-information website truly 
had *nothing* to do with making *any* money at all, then he wouldn't 
have ads for his business there.

but again - having a product to sell and a way to market it is FINE. 
that's capitalism. i've got no problem with that, and i've got no 
problem with scott's website per se!

it's the disingenuous way he goes about marketing his website that i've 
got a problem with, and i'll continue to call him out on it.


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