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RJ Lewis karmagurl at rainierconnect.com
Fri May 11 17:00:55 CDT 2007

PCT Mom (Andrea),
  I don't mind a bit the folks that charge a "fair" price for their 
services-- not one bit. If someone has put alot of hard work into what 
they are doing-- say a service, or a product they have developed or 
invented, I do think fair is fair and they should get compensated for 
all of their hard work.  Yes, that includes you PCT Mom- whether it be 
in services to help keep your place running or actual cash, everyone 
should chip in.

 I myself appreciate all the time and effort folks have put forth to 
help me in recent days. Thanks a bunch to you all- you know who you are. 
=) Thanks for the humor, the suggestions, the time and effort you have 
all put forth, to make me, a recent newbie, welcome and cared about. 
I've learned a few things- both about the new things in hiking, and 
about myself- thanks! I'm really looking forward to meeting you all next 
year, both on and off the trail, however that may work out. ;-)

Thanks PCT Mom for bringing this important point up to us all, 
especially those of us who tend to forget that there's a ton of hard 
work that goes with each service -- each bit of trail magic that happens 
out there on the trail. So many just "expect" it these days.

Peace PCT Mom- and thanks again!
Ronnie Jo

Andrea Dinsmore wrote:
> Question..........why do *some* feel that hikers should get everything free
> from others ??  Isn't there a cost to everything that is done in life ??
> Isn't it only fair to those putting in time, money and efforts into the
> hiker community to *at least* recoop their costs ?? And if a hiker (like
> Squatch) who puts in an extreme amount of time and their own money to put
> together a history of each year on the trail for all........what's the
> problem with charging for what is done ??  What if all of those who support
> the trail stopped doing it and just let you all "*hike your own hike*"
> without any input from those in the background ?? Internet info, supply
> companies, local businesses, trail magic and trail hosts. Would you prefer
> they all just kept out of your way ?? Would you feel better if the trail was
> like that ?? Ala natural ??
> Inquiring minds want to know !!
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