[pct-l] ''CUPID'S COT''.....super light weight backpacking chair

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Fri May 11 05:35:09 CDT 2007

OK,.......Switchback is out,.........Tortoise is out.........I will do it
I  will be the next  ''BILL  GATES''  of outdoor recreation.
Backpackers still have first choice to come in on the ground floor and reap
huge rewards.

Minimum investment $10,000......this offer expires 5-31- 07.
Send your check or money order to JMT Reinhold.

We need a good eye catching marketing strategy that will capture the nations
attention......this is how we will do it............we  will sponsor
''CATRA''  and donate a ''CUPIDS  COT'' made for two for her upcoming  PCT
women's record attempt and I will give one to ''SCOTT & MICHELLE'' as a
wedding present.

I can see the headlines already.....''CATRA CORBET'', foxy middle age
endurance runner and her young,handsome french companion set new PCT record
utilizing the revolutionary ''CUPID'S COT'' made for two sleeping
system........''SCOTT  WILLIAMSON (king of the PCT)  and his lovely bride
''MICHELLE'',  for their honeymoon, will be hiking the 2650 mile PCT from
Canada to Mexico carrying a ''CUPID'S COT'' made for two.

This is dynamite.....we must move forward swiftly.
Lets see now,....the ''CUPID'S  COT'' for two must be ultra light (I will
try to keep the weight below 2 lb).....fold up small,..... have a canopy for
sun and rain protection and a build in quilt.
This will be an all-inclusive sleeping system for two, replacing the need
for a tent, sleeping bag, ground cloth and pad......all this for two and
under 2 lb.

This will sell like hat cakes.

Ooohhh yes,....a lightning rod.....it must be equipped with a lightning rod
to insure our romance minded customers have the ease of mind and do not have
to worry about being struck by lightning while doing what comes naturally in
the wilderness.

JMT Reinhold
Safety engineer, Cupid's Cot, Inc.

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> Switchback  &  Tortoise,
> I have been giving this ''CUPID'S  COT''  idea substantial thought and the
> more I think about it the more I like it............. I can recognize a
> business opportunity when I see one.
> What a brilliant idea, a  ''Cupid's Cot''  made for two, from cuban fabric
> carbon fiber, would spark a tremendous surge in backpacking interest and
> other outdoor activities.
> I know a lot of my friends don't backpack or don't backpack as often as
> would like because their wives or girl friends do not like the idea of
> sleeping on the ground among snakes, scorpions and spiders
> Now, a ''Cupid's Cot'' build for two would change all that.
> All of a sudden backpacking would be acceptable to all and would be viewed
> as a romantic get-away adventure affordable to all , not just the rich &
> famous.
> I can see it already.....''CUPID'S  COTS,''......by Reinhold, Tortoise &
> Switchback.....for the ultimate wilderness romance experience.
> This will sell like hot cakes.....I think we should apply for a pattend
> immediately and formulate a business venture plan to get this to the
> as soon as possible.
> This will require a lot up-front cash to get off the ground, so we need to
> raise venture capital by bringing investors aboard.
> I think we should give backpackers the first opportunity to come aboard on
> the ground floor.
> If response is slow we can have Merrill Lynch float an IPO.
> This could be bigger than Micro Soft.
> JMT Reinhold
> Chief executive officer
> Cupid's Cots, Inc.
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> > Reinhold,
> >
> > Now's your chance to get ahead of Switchback and start your
> > own cottage business.  Design and manufacture a combo
> > sling-chair and cot. Maybe make it out of carbon fiber and
> > cuban fabric so it is super-light, too light for Switchback.
> > You could also make sure it is strong enough or flexible
> > enough or what ever for two passionate people.
> >
> > In fact you could even call it ----   "Cupid's cot".
> >
> >
> >
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> > Tortoise
> >
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> > Reinhold Metzger wrote:
> > > Switchback,  at $99.95 does that include that good looking chick
> on
> > > that chair, or is she extra?
> > > Hhhhmmmm........let me see know.......with the ''SLING LIGHT'' camping
> chair
> > > I could use a floor-less tent, I would not need a ground cloth nor
> I
> > > need a pad......hhhmmm.....and with a 545 lb test load I assume it
> > > support 2 people......hhhmmm.......
> > >
> > > JMT Reinhold.....hhhhmmm......still thinking


SWITCHBACK wrote.......want to see your next backpacking chair?

Go to          http://www.slinglight.com

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