Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Thu May 10 22:45:48 CDT 2007

Thanks  for your reply Ryan.
I am not a computer wizard and therefore somewhat confused.
I forwarded Andy's article via plain text, would that not automatically put
the URLs in plain text, if not how do I put the URLs in plain text so they
remain active
 on the pct-l post?

JMT Reinhold
The confused one

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> Reinhold Metzger wrote:
> > Does anybody know why the highlighted links do not highlight and
> > do not work if send to pct-l?
> > How about you guys, who received it direct, but in a bunch format with
> > PCT-L  address bunched with other addresses, did the links highlight and
> > work?
> > Just trying to figure out if the problem is linked to the PCT-L address.
> >
> > JMT Reinhold
> >
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> No.  Your email didn't contain links- if you want to include them, just
> put the URLs in plaintext and mail clients will interpret them correctly.
> -Ryan

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