[pct-l] Storm Damage from last fall

RJ Lewis karmagurl at rainierconnect.com
Wed May 9 22:29:57 CDT 2007

Hi all,
  In case anyone is wondering, the storm that everyone is talking about 
that wiped out the PCT, also wiped out parts of the Wonderland Trail in 
Rainier National Park...it has also done considerable damage to many 
other places. I've seen the damage first hand up here in WA state, and 
all I can say is *WOW*. With trees being rooted so shallowly, they come 
up far easier than do the more deeply rooted ones, and they came up like 
matchsticks all over the western half of the state. Many rivers and 
streams were rerouted this past winter, not just one or 2.

Be prepared for the unexpected this year on the PCT, would be my best 
advice, especially up here in Oregon and Washington states. As the snow 
goes out, we can all see more of the damage that storm wrought, but for 
now, it's mostly guesswork. What I can see now....total destruction in 
many cases. I'm just hoping for the best,  myself. =)

Ronnie Jo

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