[pct-l] Thank-you from Marge the Old Gal

C B brownwetdog at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 19:23:00 CDT 2007

I am sending this note on behalf of Marge, the Old
Gal. She has been recovering from a severe injury
sustained while trekking in Nepal.  She says
"Thank-You" to everyone at the ADZPCTKO party who
signed the beautiful "get well" card.  It meant so
much to her to receive it.  She read through all the
signatures several times. And as AsaBat suggested, it
even had some dirt from Lake Morena on it - so part of
the PCT was sent to her.

Marge - Old Gal is doing very well in her physical
therapy and recovery and should be home in about a
month. Then she will be back online and sending her
own messages.  

As her daughter, I want to add my own profound thanks
to each of you who took the time to sign the card. 
You can't know the positive impact your kind words
had, but I hope I am able to convey some of my 
gratitude here.    Carol

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