[pct-l] Santiam Pass to Timberline Lodge

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If the trail is truly "wiped out", then I suppose it will require
every PCT hiker, whether thru or section, to detour. In which
case, it will probably add miles and complications to the
section being discussed -- but the question was if it would
be viable to hike from Santiam Pass to Timberline in the
second week of July. I think my answer still applies - it's
a definite maybe, depending on trail conditions and what
the hiker is able to accomplish in pursuit of his goal. If he
doesn't make it, then that's all in the breaks of the game.
Doesn't mean he ought not to try.
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  HI......In case you missed it last week...........the PCT has been wiped out north of Santiam Pass by of all things, the Glacier there......Not only did it take out the trail it rerouted the creek as well...This is in the vicinity of the Pammula Lake trail junction as well.... this was the same storm that took out sections of the wonderland trail in Wa as well as Romona Falls bridge.......The rangers finaly got back in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area and saw the damage last weekend...........
  Meadow Ed

  Brian McLaughlin <bmclaughlin at bigplanet.com> wrote:

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    > I am looking to hike from Santiam Pass to Timberline Lodge 6-11 July 07.
    > am currently in the desert and unable to monitor snow depth, thus elevate
    > my trip dates are viable. Any advice would greatly appreciated.

    They might be viable but they are somewhat dicey.
    Snow accumulation this year in that area is roughly
    80% of normal. It will all depend on how hot or cool
    May and June are. No way to predict that, yet.

    If you could set it back one week, you'd be in better
    shape, but show up on July 6 and see what you can
    do. If there's still considerable snow, or trail damage
    from last winter, your mileage goals may be hard to
    make. You might need to bail out short of your
    goal, but that is part of the hiking experience, too.

    Good luck.

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