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Wow, what a bunch of nay-sayers.  It is interesting that these comments come from folks that whole-heartedly support the HYOH mantra.

When I read the article last night in the Communicator I interpreted it from the standpoint that the author came upon Highwalker purely by chance at the border.  I didn't get the chance that Highwalker contacted the author, or for that matter numerous news stations (as we have seen with some recently), to publicize his attempt.

Whether this guy makes it 1 mile, 100 miles or 2658 miles, give the guy some credit for getting out and making an attempt to fulfill his dream... How often have we heard, it is not the destination but the journey.


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> I sure hope Squatch is there with his camera when Luke hits Evolution 
> Creek. Heck, the Snow Creek to I-10 sandbox crossing ought to be fun as 
> well. And, hows about the Golden Staircase. And, and, and.... 
> Marion Davison wrote: 
> >I admire the crutch. You go, girl! 
> >But I gotta draw a line in the sand at circus stunts. See the latest 
> >PCT Communicator which I recieved today, April/May 2007 issue, page 6, 
> >about Luke "Highwalker", who intends to thru-hike on stilts. 
> >Let me know how far he gets. He thinks he is ready for whatever the 
> >trail has to throw at him. 
> >Ahem.... 
> > 
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