[pct-l] speaking of crutches

Eckert jape at nethere.com
Tue May 8 23:04:04 CDT 2007

I sure hope Squatch is there with his camera when Luke hits Evolution 
Creek.  Heck, the Snow Creek to I-10 sandbox crossing ought to be fun as 
well. And, hows about the Golden Staircase.  And, and, and....

Marion Davison wrote:

>I admire the crutch.  You go, girl!
>But I gotta draw a line in the sand at circus stunts.  See the latest 
>PCT Communicator which I recieved today,  April/May 2007 issue, page 6, 
>about Luke "Highwalker", who intends to thru-hike on stilts.
>Let me know how far he gets.  He thinks he is ready for whatever the 
>trail has to throw at him.

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