[pct-l] %5Bpct-l%5D%20%2078%20DAY%20WOMEN%27S%20PCT%20RECORD%20ATTEMPT

Catra Corbett catrarunner at earthlink.net
Tue May 8 17:44:07 CDT 2007

If Rocket girl did a 78 day or sub 78 day in 2002 why did Ray "Wall" Greenwall write a book about his 2003 record????  Before Ray Brian Robinson had the PCT record.
What's Squeaky's record.
Can someone give be more beta on this woman???  I talked to other hikers who have done the PCT and they said the woman's record was 92 days.
I would love to know since I'm attempting the record.
Better yet does someone have this Rocket girls email.
Thanks a bunch.

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