[pct-l] Witnessed perhaps a First....

Scott Herriott yetifan at yahoo.com
Tue May 8 17:15:44 CDT 2007

...this past week.  

Hiked with Hatchet Jack & Splash southbound from Black
Mountain Road to Pines-to-Palms Hwy.  Climbed San
Jacinto at night with a full moon...awesome.  But the
most truly remarkable aspect of the jaunt was the fact
that Splash did the whole 42+ miles with a crutch. No,
not booze, drugs or some b.s. philosophical system... 
 an actual physical standard-sized "my leg is gimped
out in some way" CRUTCH.  You see, she had knee
surgery a few weeks earlier and, if you know Splash,
you understand that this would merely serve as some
minor annoyance for her. Though she didn't get up Mt.
San Jacinto she sure as hell tried (got to 9800 ft.
before darkness began to fall and she wisely decided
to head back down).  The standard rubber tip faired
pretty well.  Many northbounders felt awe and shame. 
We celebrated her accomplishment with a candle-lit
piece of chocolate cake at the Paradise Cafe.  She
tripped going out of the joint and now needs more
surgery (kidding). 

Splash rocks!!!


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