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Tue May 8 14:34:54 CDT 2007

JMT Reinhold writes: One can not dismiss the possibility that Switchback is behind all this.  I mean everybody knows he plunders an sacks unsuspecting hikers and is forever looking for ways to become more efficient at it.  Hikers weakened by illness will not be able to adequately defend themselves and therefore become easy prey for the pirate.
I admit I am the one behind the sickness that attacked everyone at and after the Kickoff.  It was the spray paint I was using for the reflective orange shelter stake painting.  It drifted over the park and put everyone down sooner or later on the trail. I painted A LOT of shelter stakes this year.
Since it worked so good this year, I will do the same thing next year too.
Switchback the Spayer  
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