[pct-l] Kennedy Meadows vicinity update

kmurray at pol.net kmurray at pol.net
Tue May 8 00:18:49 CDT 2007

Last weekend, I led a beginner backpacking trip on the PCT north 4 miles
(Hey!  Don't laugh!), to where Crag Creek Crosses the trail.  Crag Creek
is hardly more than a trickle, and the South Fork Kern is easily wadeable
along it's length.  (neither statement has been true in the past six years
I've done this trip at this time).

The proprietor at the Store noted 5 hikers going through so far, and Billy
Goat and others heading south to cache their water along the route.  He
said that there was little or no water to the south. ( I assume from
Walker Pass to KM).    One of the people on my trip gave a ride to "G-Man"
from Isabella to KM.  He made a note in the logbook that he'd never seen
it so dry.

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