[pct-l] Frog Re-route.

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Mon May 7 18:08:07 CDT 2007

We just need to go out there and play some Barry White music to encourage 
those lil amphibians to increase their population. Go, froggies, go!!
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>I wounder how long the closure will last. Has anyone heard?
>  Hopeing they will have it solved by 2014.
>  -Lumberjack-
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> The rangers have actually told Todd (full-time CTUC volunteer at North 
> Fork  ranger station) that they figured the hikers would be hiking the PCT 
> through  the closure, and were surprised to hear the PCTer were following 
> the  reroute.  They're less worried about what the hikers will do vs. 
> mountain  bikers, motor cycles, etc.  Still, it's taking a chance to hike 
> through.  And an even bigger chance that you would encounter a ranger 
> through there.    L-Rod
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