[pct-l] Where R they?

The Lumber Jack themtgoat at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 15:46:51 CDT 2007

Of the 8 hikers I'm sending updates to, I had two hikers leave from Big Bear On 5/5 and one on 5/6. A couple of other hikers are between Warner Springs and Idyllwild. At least one hiker that I am sending water updates to is well past big bear, but don't have a fix on him.
  The rest, I have no idea.
  You might go for places between big bear and wrightwood. The problem with them sneaky hikers (of which I was one), is they spread out, and you never really know where they are.
  If you REALLY want to figure out where they might be, go to trail journals.com and the pct journals. Then go through a number of journals and guest-a-mate where there current position is, make a graph and figure where the most of them might be. I was able to make a bell curve in 2005. This probably sounds tedious, but I did it in 2005, and figured out that I was about 2 weeks behind the majority of hikers when I started (may 9th). 

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