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Shutterbug steiner shutterbugg313 at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 11:28:52 CDT 2007

Rt 2 is still closed and this is a chronic and potentially eternal closure - from Vincent Gap (below Baden Powell) to Islip Saddle (near Little Jimmies)   This is almost exclusively a road used for recreation and not commuters so there has been very little rush in completing the repairs.    Rt 2 is open around Wrightwood - you just can't drive there from La Canada..  From the PCT 1st crossing at Inspiration Point it would be a 7 mile +/- roadwalk but there is a ranger station and Mt Hi ski area half way - with some traffic.  Many go down the Acorn Trail which takes you right into town.
  BTW there still is a Trail closure around Buckhorn Camp (390-393) because of an endangered frog so unless you want a hefty fine it would be best to road walk this few miles.

Scott Polewach <spolewach at hotmail.com> wrote: 
  Thanks for the info on canister stoves. I guess it will just be better to 
suck it up and mail them than to try to find them and hope along the way.

I just switched from alcohol to canister stoves--i cook and eat such 
outrageous amounts of food that the weight is about equal between the two, 
and alcohol takes like 25-30 minutes to cook my meals.

Oh, and my alcohol stove worked fine when I was eating normal amounts of 
food and/or cooking garbage like liptons, but I prefer having good nutrition 
on the trail.

I had another question. Is the Angeles Crest Highway 2 near Wrightwood open 
now? If it is not, how long of a roadwalk is it into town?>



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