[pct-l] Section O parking and the Hat Creek Rim

Georgi Heitman bobbnweav at citlink.net
Mon May 7 00:01:39 CDT 2007

We don't live in Section O...We're in Old Station, Section N, and the last town and trail angel stop for nobos before the Hat Creek Rim.  We have 5 acres, with many parking spots,...in fact, last summer, we had maybe two or three cars and a couple of motorcycles parked here over a good portion of the season.  If Old Station would work for you instead of Castle Crags, you're welcome to use our place as a parking lot.  We ought to be able to help you get back here after you finish your hike, but I have to admit to not knowing where Section L begins.
Re the Rim...there are two water caches and a fish hatchery supplying hikers on the Rim.  All are listed in Yogi's update.  All can be counted on...one, Cache 22, where the trail crosses Road 22, is a shady little nook that keeps roughly 40 to 60 gallons on hand.  If it falls into the 20 gallon range, a call to me from the first available phone can have more water there in a matter of hours.  The second, where Hywy 44 climbs to the top of the Rim outside of Old Station, is a smaller cache, one for topping off after leaving the last available piped water at Subway Cave and climbing up toward the Trailhead a half mile or so off of Hywy 44.  Dennie and I keep it filled, usually about 10 gallons or so, and we check it every other day during the heaviest part of the season.  It will operate as long as we can drag our creaky, ancient bodies from our truck/van to the cache, located halfway between the 'new' overlook, identified by it's blacktopped parking lot, and the trailhead, identified by it's hitching post, wooden picnic tables and pit potty.  The hatchery is to the north, past Cache 22, and the location of the water faucet is, I think, in Yogi's and we have a little map, made by a hiker last summer, available at our home.  We welcome you at Hiker Hideaway, I think that's what we've decided to call this place, by the way.  We have tents, a tree house, DSL, hot tub, showers, laundry, we serve  breakfast and dinner, and there is a telephone w/ your phone card.  We can also help you resupply in Burney, the town of, not the falls, pick up your mail/boxes, etc from the P.O. and usually get you to a Dr. or to Redding if you require either.
We'd love to be of any help we can to you and your party, please be in touch....hope this info answers your questions and helps fill your needs,
Georgi Heitman
Trail Angel, Old Station, CA    
bobbnweav at citlink.net 

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