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Hi gang,
You guys might want to check out Catra's web-site she is one tough babe and
will attempt a 78 day  PCT  women's record on May 23, 2007.

Go to her link at the bottom of the page.

JMT Reinhold
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> Catra,
> How wonderful......you still remember me.......and you still call me
> Reiny.....that is what you called me
> in the hut, on top of Mt. Whitney, on that moonlit summer night.
> Thank you for the compliment Catra and had I known you were chasing me I
> would have let you catch me.
> Browsing through your web-site I can tell that you love your dogs, Rockie
> Boomer very much just like I
> love my dachshund Mitzy very much.
> I truely believe that you can tell a man's hart, or a woman's heart, by
> way they treat theire dog.
> I always knew that inside your hard core shell & tough outer appearance
> there beats a soft heart.
> I felt it in the Whitney hut on that moonlit summer night.
> Catra, are you doing the PCT  NOB or SOB?
> How many zero days and resupplies will you have and are they included in
> your 78 day plan?
> Are you mailing your resupplies or are you buying your resupplies at trail
> towns?
> How about ''JULIEN'', what hiking experience does he have?
> Maybe you should take him on a shake down hike on the JMT....if he can do
> in 7 days he might be ok.....
> if not he might be a drag on you and you never make it in 78 days, in
> case you might as well ship him
> back to France via air freight.
> Ooohhh,  by the way, acording to the latest regulations hanky panky on the
> PCT is strictly verboten, not only       that, it sapps you of energy and
> makes your knees knock, neither of which will enhance your PCT record
> attempt.
> JMT Reinhold
> Your energy sapped and shaky knees trail companion
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> Reinhold my love how could I ever forget you.  I chased you for miles but
> never caught you.  I was always within 6 hours of catching you.
> What a wonderful time we had in the hut on the top of Whitney.  I dream of
> the day we will once meet again ;)
> I'm really shooting for an overall , unsupported record on the PCT, with
> friend Julien from France.  Hopefully all goes well.
> I want to break your unsupported record on the JMT at some point.  We will
> see how the boys do this Summer at the attempt.
> You are truly amazing and I hope to be just like you when I grow up.  You
> are one of my idols Reiny.
> Catra
> http://www.trailgirl.blogspot.com
> Reinhold Metzger <reinholdmetzger at cox.net> wrote:
> Catra,
> Do you remember me......it's me JMT Reinhold.
> We met on a moonlit summer night in 2004 on top of Mt. Whitney.
> I was sleeping in the Whitney hut on the eve. of my sub 5 unsupported
> attempt of the JMT and you had just finished the first half of your JMT
> yo yo, when you burst in to the hut and into my life
> We both were lonely and needed each other and you were just marvelous
> that night, but soon you were gone and I was left  there all alone tossing
> and                    turning and calling your name.
> Shortly after midnight, sapped off all my energy, I was speeding down the
> JMT on shaky knees with ''CATRA '' on my mind.
> Needless to say, I was not successful in my sub 5 attempt and finished in
> days, 7hrs, 45 min.
> However, I have no regrets and would do it all over again.
> Brian Robinson and I talked about you at the Kick-off and your 2007
> at the women's PCT record.
> Good luck and hope we meet again on the trail someday.
> JMT Reinhold
> Still dreaming about Catra
> Catra Corbett catrarunner at earthlink.net
> Wed May 2 15:47:08 CDT 2007
> Wish I could of been there but I was running a 50 mile race.
> Well at least I know what everyone looks like so I can say hi along the
> I start the PCT May 23rd with a friend we hope to finish in 78 days.
> Yes we will be moving fast but having fun.
> Cheers,
> Catra
> http://www.trailgirl.blogspot.com
> "Lifes a journey not a destination"
> http://www.trailgirl.blogspot.com

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