[pct-l] CATRA CORBETT, foxy extreeme endurance hiker & marathoner

Catra Corbett catrarunner at yahoo.com
Sun May 6 00:05:09 CDT 2007

Hey Reiny-
  Rocky is my doxie mix Boomer is my friends dog.  Ahhh we have something else in common we are Doxie lovers ;)
  I', go SOB. I'm starting May 23rd from Campo.
  No zero days and 12 or 13 resupplies not sure yet. We will also by stuff as we go.
  Julien has no long distance hiking experience.  But he's young and motivated.  We have been training the past few days and he's keeping up.  I also have him going to crossfit 1 to 2 hours a day with me.  http://www.crossfitoneworld.com
  He is a pro Ultrarunner in France and Use to do Half Iron mans.  He has been running race's since he was 10 years old.
  I know fastpacking/hiking are totally different.  But I think he will be fine.  I'm going to start Sauna heat training Monday and so is he.  We need to be ready for the heat.
  No Hanky panky with my way to young French friend.  I'm old enough to be his Mom.  I do have limits the guy has to be at least 33 ;)
  Hey I would love to do the JMT with you one day for fun.  We would have a blast.
  Looking forward to seeing you, my idol again one day.

Reinhold Metzger <reinholdmetzger at cox.net> wrote:
How wonderful......you still remember me.......and you still call me
Reiny.....that is what you called me
in the hut, on top of Mt. Whitney, on that moonlit summer night.


Thank you for the compliment Catra and had I known you were chasing me I
would have let you catch me.

Browsing through your web-site I can tell that you love your dogs, Rockie &
Boomer very much just like I
love my dachshund Mitzy very much.
I truely believe that you can tell a man's hart, or a woman's heart, by the
way they treat theire dog.
I always knew that inside your hard core shell & tough outer appearance
there beats a soft heart.
I felt it in the Whitney hut on that moonlit summer night.

Catra, are you doing the PCT NOB or SOB?
How many zero days and resupplies will you have and are they included in
your 78 day plan?
Are you mailing your resupplies or are you buying your resupplies at trail
How about ''JULIEN'', what hiking experience does he have?
Maybe you should take him on a shake down hike on the JMT....if he can do it
in 7 days he might be ok.....
if not he might be a drag on you and you never make it in 78 days, in which
case you might as well ship him
back to France via air freight.

Ooohhh, by the way, acording to the latest regulations hanky panky on the
PCT is strictly verboten, not only that, it sapps you of energy and
makes your knees knock, neither of which will enhance your PCT record

JMT Reinhold
Your energy sapped and shaky knees trail companion

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Reinhold my love how could I ever forget you. I chased you for miles but
never caught you. I was always within 6 hours of catching you.
What a wonderful time we had in the hut on the top of Whitney. I dream of
the day we will once meet again ;)

I'm really shooting for an overall , unsupported record on the PCT, with my
friend Julien from France. Hopefully all goes well.
I want to break your unsupported record on the JMT at some point. We will
see how the boys do this Summer at the attempt.
You are truly amazing and I hope to be just like you when I grow up. You
are one of my idols Reiny.


Reinhold Metzger wrote:
Do you remember me......it's me JMT Reinhold.
We met on a moonlit summer night in 2004 on top of Mt. Whitney.
I was sleeping in the Whitney hut on the eve. of my sub 5 unsupported
attempt of the JMT and you had just finished the first half of your JMT
yo yo, when you burst in to the hut and into my life

We both were lonely and needed each other and you were just marvelous
that night, but soon you were gone and I was left there all alone tossing
and turning and calling your name.


Shortly after midnight, sapped off all my energy, I was speeding down the
JMT on shaky knees with ''CATRA '' on my mind.
Needless to say, I was not successful in my sub 5 attempt and finished in 5
days, 7hrs, 45 min.
However, I have no regrets and would do it all over again.
Brian Robinson and I talked about you at the Kick-off and your 2007 attempt
at the women's PCT record.

Good luck and hope we meet again on the trail someday.

JMT Reinhold
Still dreaming about Catra

Catra Corbett catrarunner at earthlink.net
Wed May 2 15:47:08 CDT 2007

Wish I could of been there but I was running a 50 mile race.
Well at least I know what everyone looks like so I can say hi along the way.
I start the PCT May 23rd with a friend we hope to finish in 78 days.
Yes we will be moving fast but having fun.

"Lifes a journey not a destination"

"Lifes a journey not a destination"

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