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Kevin Corcoran kevin at antelecom.net
Fri May 4 21:16:44 CDT 2007

Use a duffel, then wad it up and pack it into your bounce-box as 
stuffing before you send it on.  Also, then, you could use the duffel 
again for the trip home.


>Hi -
>I have used large plastic tubs as checked luggage.
>You could just put your pack inside, tape it shut, and
>give the tub away at your destination.
>>  In the couple of times I've done this, it's always
>>  seemed essential to put
>>  my backpack and most gear inside some sort of
>>  suitcase or duffel bag or the
>>  like.  Airlines are hard on baggage and my backpack
>>  is pretty fragile, plus
>>  has various strapping hanging loose.  The duffel bag
>>  just stays in a support
>>  vehicle and gets used again for the flight back
>>  home.
>>  But next year around this time I hope to be flying
>>  to the vicinity of Campo
>>  --- I won't have the luxury of leaving and then
>>  later retrieving a duffel
>>  bag.
>>  I guess the logical thing is to use a flexible
>>  duffel bag and mail it home
>>  from near the airport?   Perhaps a smaller duffel
>>  just to carry some of the
>>  bulk plus paranoia-contraband (mini pocket knife)
>>  and use the main backpack
>>  as carry-on.  Or would airline staff look at even a
>>  partially filled
>>  backpack (Mariposa plus) as being too big to use as
>>  carry-on?
>>  If folks have another strategy to protect gear from
>>  airline wear & tear,
>>  please share it --- in the context, please, of a
>>  one-way flight to start a
>>  lo-o-ong backpacking trip.
>>	Brian Lewis
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