[pct-l] Section A completed

Pea Hicks phix at optigan.com
Fri May 4 20:58:25 CDT 2007

Freiman, Paul wrote:

>   The day was
> hot, but not extremely hot.  Nevertheless, seeing the 3rd gate water
> was a thing of joy.  I understand girlscout is to thank.  

actually, charlie jones deserves the lion's share of the credit for 
maintaining the 3rd gate cache. several others have helped him with the 
cache recently, and last week paparazzi and i filled in for charlie 
because he was under the weather, but the bottom line is the 3rd gate 
cache wouldn't exist were it not for charlie's efforts to maintain it. 
it really is his baby, and he deserves much thanks from all of us 
hikers, past and present.

charlie is feeling better now, and i understand he was up at the 3rd 
gate today. nevertheless, i can't stress enough the importance of taking 
enough water from scissors to get you through to barrel spring, because 
the 3rd gate can easily be depleted in a year like this, and as such it 
should only be considered a safety valve, not a water source.


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