[pct-l] approved bear cannisters Yosemite

Aaron Wallace aaron at skeeky.com
Fri May 4 11:44:24 CDT 2007

As an update, it looks like the new Spectra Hybrid Ursack (S29) *may* be
conditionally approved for '07:


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> The Ursack (std. version, without the aluminum liner) hasn't 
> been approved for years due to numerous failures in the 
> field.  The Ursack Hybrid (with the aluminum liner) was 
> conditionally approved last year, but this approval was 
> revoked due to failures in the field.
> The official list of approved canisters is maintained at:
> http://www.sierrawildbear.gov/foodstorage/approvedcontainers.htm
> I believe the Ursack folks are trying to get a new version of 
> the Hybrid approved, with Spectra fabric instead of Vectran.  
> The Spectra is stronger than the Vectran they have been 
> using, but was unavailable due to military demand.  
> Also, a new company (Wilderness Solutions:
> http://www.wilderness-solutions.com/) is trying to get a new 
> device approved that uses high-voltage shocks to deter bears. 
>  If their product can get approval, it will be the lightest 
> solution available--at least until the Sierra bears figure 
> out how to insulate their paws from electrical shocks... 

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