[pct-l] "should be refridgerated" foods that thru-hikers carry

Brian Lewis brianle at nwlink.com
Fri May 4 08:30:34 CDT 2007

"i used lots of "refrigerate after opening" items, and even some "keep 
refrigerated" items, on my thru hike, and generally found them to be 
sufficiently reliable and durable. 
... ie, i liked using gallo salami slices for lunch, but i'd buy several 3
or 4 oz packages rather than, say, a single 1-pound package."

Thanks girlscout ... for shorter-term stuff, that's certainly what I had in
mind, but ...

Let me zero in on just one specific item: you buy the smallest package of
butter buds or equivalent that you can and realize that it's enough to last
for *weeks*.    Is that not true?  (shaking on just enough to flavor one
meal a day and not using it every day)  If it is true, then do you just
carry and use it for weeks until it's all gone, or throw some out at point
of purchase?

	Brian Lewis

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